Aikido Training and Safety

Aikido training is a popular activity among children and adults of all ages. It allows students to learn life skills and self-awareness while taking part in a vibrant, supportive community. However, many people have concerns about safety when it comes to marital arts. Parents often worry that their children will get hurt or become violent if they practice aikido. Luckily, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We assure you that aikido training and safety go hand-in-hand. 

Principles of Aikido

Is Aikido Training Safe? 

This is the most common safety-related question we hear. Concerned parents always hope to protect their kids from unnecessary injuries, no matter what. The reality is that any athletic activity, from martial arts to contact sports like football, can provide an opportunity for anyone to get hurt. 

However, aikido tends to be relatively safe compared to other contact sports. Our dedicated instructors’ emphasis on a safe training environment ensures that all students can learn without fear. You will find that our facilities have padded floors, and we require students to remove their shoes and wear their uniform in the dojo. We also stretch thoroughly before beginning any rigorous physical activity. These rules support students’ efforts to safely train, free from distractions, while using their full range of motion. 

Students also receive proper aikido training that includes careful, step-by-step instruction. We always aim to ensure that students understand the proper techniques and they can perform them in a safe manner. Moreover, our aikido classes don’t include sparring or competition, making it one of the safest martial arts, especially for children. 

What Experience Do I Need for Aikido? 

One of the best things about our aikido classes is that they adapt to any age and skill level. We have students that come in with extensive martial arts experience and others that join with absolutely no prior knowledge. 

We create classes that meet the student at their unique level of readiness. This not only prepares them to succeed in their aikido training, but it also makes the process much more enjoyable for them and their peers. Our instructors are always patient with new students, guiding them through proper form and important life lessons that build character and discipline. 

Aikido is accessible for students of all skill levels. Martial arts are some of the best activities to improve confidence, self-awareness, and coordination at any age. In fact, we even teach real-world self-defense classes for adults with no experience in martial arts. 

Will I Like Aikido Training? 

Many people from diverse backgrounds enjoy aikido training. They range from athletes and fitness enthusiasts to anyone who wants to have fun, learn new skills, and improve their mental and physical wellbeing. However, we understand that some may still be anxious about trying out a martial art for the first time. 

The easiest way to find out if you’ll like aikido training is to take advantage of one of our free sessions. We proudly provide trial classes to give you a sense of what to expect. You’ll remove your shoes, step into the dojo, and leave your ego at the door. We teach mutual respect from minute one, so expect to bow to your peers and instructor. Our community will welcome you with open arms and encourage you to return for another class. 

This is by far the best way to see if aikido is something that you or your child will like. There are no requirements or commitments for trial students, and our community is always eager to help. If you end up enjoying yourself, we encourage you to stick with it! 

Aikido training is fun, safe, and challenging, no matter your age or skill level. Children can hone their social skills and self-awareness while learning valuable life lessons that build character. Adults may improve their balance, endurance, flexibility, and coordination, all while boosting confidence and self-esteem. We hope you’ll join us for a free trial class if any of this sounds too good to be true. Our dojo in Lincoln is always open to fresh faces. 

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