Youth Classes

Focus | Confidence | Control | Respect

Aikido teaches Life-Skills

From self-discipline, to respect, courage, focus and goal setting. Aikido of Nebraska gives children all the tools they need to TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES. And their parents couldn’t be happier!

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Aikido helps teach younger children focus. Before you know it they can do anything they put their mind to.

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confidence & respect

Parents of children with confidence & respect problems are thrilled to see a difference after just a short period.

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Strength, balance & flexibility are all needed to perform Aikido techniques. Students go at their own pace but are active the entire time.

What parents are saying!

“My 13 year old daughter absolutely loves training with Sensei Roberts and his support staff. She is developing self-respect and respect for others as well as benefiting from the physical aspects of learning Aikido. I am pleased with the emphasis that Sensei places “doing your best” and “helping others to do their best.”


For younger kids, and kids with focus problems, they may only focus on one COMPONENT of a technique. Then, as they get better, the longer we have them practice focusing. Before you know it, they focus on their homework… on their chores… on their conversations with you, and anything else they put their mind to.


confidence & respect

We want our students to look people in the eye when they are being spoken to- this shows confidence in themselves, and respect towards others. After just a few short weeks, kids naturally begin doing this in class, at home, and at school. Parents of children with confidence problems are thrilled to see a difference in a very short period.


It’s easy these days for kids not to exercise-  video games, social media, TV, etc. Aikido is a great exercise option.  We work on learning strength, balance, and flexibility, as these are all needed to perform Aikido techniques. But we still let students go at their own pace- there is never pressure on them to do anything they can’t.  Your child will be active – mind & body – the entire time.


Kids Class FAQs

Have a questions or concern? Review our most frequently asked questions below or follow the link to head to our FAQs page.

Will martial arts make my kid violent?

Absolutely not! We teach kids self-defense as a tool for character development.

Is Aikido fun?

Absolutely! We believe that when something is fun you will stick with it longer, and enjoy it even more.

Is Aikido for girls too?

Certainly! There are just as many girls in many of our classes as there are boys.

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