What to Expect from Our Aikido Classes

Martial arts classes offer a wide range of benefits for students. They teach focus, control, respect, and confidence, all while providing an excellent workout. Our classes are taught in a safe, community-oriented environment. We also encourage students of all ages to learn at their own pace. This allows them to gain greater insight into their unique mind, body, and spirit. If you’d like to get in shape, develop self-awareness, and learn valuable life skills, our aikido classes are for you. This is what you can expect from them. 

Principles of Aikido

Step into Our Dojo 

As soon as you walk through our door, you’ll be put at ease. We pride ourselves on creating a Zen-like environment for all students. Our traditional décor is bright, inviting, and uplifting, setting the tone for every session. We always keep our dojo and its workout areas as clean as possible. This ensures that you can focus on having a great session free from distractions. 

Mutual respect is a top priority for our staff and students. Everyone bows as they enter our dojo, and removes their shoes. Not only does this keep our space safe and clean, it symbolizes detachment. We urge our students to leave behind their ego, anxiety, and problems before every single class. This provides a better session for everyone since their attention is directed to the present moment. 

Students then enter and change into their uniform known as “gi.” This includes the traditional jacket, pants, and belt which securely holds the jacket in place. We require students and instructors to wear their gi for many reasons. It promotes free movement, shows commitment to the art, and symbolizes equality on the mat. Once students change into their gi, they begin to warm up with basic stretches and movement exercises. The instructor then demonstrates the techniques they will practice throughout the class. 

Kids Aikido Classes 

Children and teens love our martial arts classes. We make it easy for them to engage and learn important life skills. Also, safety and cooperation always come first in our dojo. You can be certain that your kids are being taught in a safe, supportive space. 

We take time to guide our youth students during each class, and instructors encourage them every step of the way. Kids can expect to feel comfortable learning at their own pace. We will never pressure them into doing anything they can’t do. Sensei coaches students on proper focus, balance, and technique, giving them the confidence they need to move forward. 

Instructors also stress character building in our dojo. We expect students look their peers and elders in the eye during discussions. This shows self-confidence and respect towards others. After just a few short weeks of classes, they naturally begin doing this at home and in school. Parents of crabby children or those with low self-esteem can expect to see a difference in no time. 

Adult Aikido Classes 

Our adult martial arts classes are fun and challenging at any age. All skill levels are welcome, and you don’t have to be in shape to get started. Adult students can expect to relieve stress while improving mental focus, physical fitness, and self-defense techniques. 

Both men and women greatly benefit from our adult aikido classes. We teach students how to protect themselves through redirection, not strength or aggression. As a result, many women tend to progress quickly and do well against their male peers. 

Aikido engages both the mind and the body. Our martial arts classes include full body workouts that will improve your strength, flexibility, and coordination. Also, moving towards goals is empowering, and many of our students gain newfound confidence in their abilities. Over time, martial artists’ awareness of themselves and others tends to broaden, as well. They practice techniques with their peers and develop unshakable bonds with many classmates. Together, our adult students support each other to help break down mental barriers and self-limiting beliefs. 

Martial arts classes are fun and engaging personal growth activities. Men, women, children, and teenagers overcome challenges together while developing greater awareness of their mind, body, and spirit. If you want to try one of our aikido classes, we encourage you to reach out today. Our doors are always open to students of all ages and skill levels in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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