Our Safety Training Seminars

Students at Aikido of Nebraska enjoy practicing community service as part of their curriculum. One way they do this is by holding safety training seminars for the public.

These workshops can explore a wide variety of safety-related topics tailored to the unique needs of any group. They also cover basic situational awareness and self-defense techniques you can apply in countless dangerous situations. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect from our safety training seminars, as well as who benefits from them and why they’re so important.

Principles of Aikido

The Importance of Safety Training

Safety training is valuable for many reasons. First and foremost, it can help save lives by empowering anyone to quickly identify, escape from, and defend against assailants. By learning what to do in potentially violent encounters, individuals are better prepared to protect themselves and others from serious harm.

Safety training can also help reduce the fear and anxiety that many feel in these types of high-stress situations. When people know what to do and how to defend themselves, they’re more likely to feel calm, confident, and in control during any emergency. Plus, an assertive demeanor is often enough to deter potential threats before they ever escalate. Finally, an organization composed of informed, confident individuals may even display better leadership, communication, and conflict resolution skills.

Who Benefits from Safety Training?

We offer safety training seminars for anyone who wants to learn essential self-defense techniques. These workshops are designed for individuals of all ages and abilities, and we proudly offer them for any group of 10 or more participants. Plus, our seminars are completely free of charge when performed at our dojo!

Our personal safety training seminars are perfect for any group of like-minded people. In the past, we’ve trained groups at various clubs, schools, churches, small businesses, large corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

Depending on the needs of your specific organization, we can also provide personalized off-site and multi-session workshops. These can range anywhere from 1-8 guided sessions to fit your group’s unique training needs.

We always tailor our safety workshops to suit our community members’ goals. For instance, we gladly assist with women’s self-defense, anti-bullying instruction, child, campus, or workplace safety, and kid-friendly character discussions.

Regardless of your group’s ability or experience, we’ll step up to give you the tips, tricks, and training needed to defend yourself in almost any environment.

What to Expect from Our Safety Training Seminars

Our safety training seminars are open to those of all ages and backgrounds. During the seminar, participants will learn about a variety of topics related to safety, including self-defense techniques that can be applied in dangerous situations. Seminars are led by experienced instructors who are calm, compassionate, and always eager to answer any questions.

We’ll teach you basic awareness strategies and techniques that can make all the difference during violent encounters. You’ll learn how to assess and identify potential threats in your immediate surroundings.

Our instructors will teach you how to avoid rather than engage most threats, but you’ll also learn how to properly defend yourself without the need for strength or aggression. Each seminar is only about an hour long, and we promise you’ll leave more confident than when you first arrived.

If your group travels to our dojo, then we’ll conduct your entire safety training seminar for free. There’s no catch whatsoever—our students proudly provide this service to help keep our community members safe from harm. However, we do ask for a completely refundable $100 deposit to reserve your group’s chosen date.

Empower Yourself Today

Our guided safety training seminars are a fantastic way for anyone to learn confidence, awareness, and self-defense techniques that can be applied in real-world situations. They’re available for no charge at our dojo, or for a small fee at your chosen location upon special request.

We provide these important, educational workshops to help reduce injury and violence in our communities. If you’d like to learn more or schedule your seminar, then simply give us a call, reach out online, or send an email to info@aikidonebraska.org.

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