Martial Arts and Self Defense

It‘s tough to succeed and feel safe in today’s world. Between constant bad news and uncertainty, we face countless challenges each and every day. One needs to be strong in their mind, body, and spirit to meet these challenges with confidence. Martial arts provide a holistic solution to the difficulties we all encounter throughout our lives. They prepare students for the unexpected by teaching them how to handle stress and protect themselves. In this way, martial arts make the world a better place by promoting balance and harmony for all. 

Benefits of Martial Arts 

Few activities are as broadly beneficial as martial arts. Many practice them to build muscle, sharpen their mind, and develop true character. Adults and children alike often find martial arts both fun and challenging, no matter their skill level. These benefits are especially impactful for women as they become empowered and confident in their ability to defend themselves. The following are some of the most important advantages of martial arts from our experience. 

Principles of Aikido

1. Confidence and Discipline

Confronting the world head-on is no easy task. It takes humility to choose growth when addressing one’s own limitations. Over time, martial artists improve their routines and techniques through disciplined practice. This measurable progress towards a meaningful goal assures students of their potential for positive change. As a result, martial arts training often translates to higher self-esteem, as well as improved cognitive performance. Such mastery also promotes restraint and self-control in tense situations. These skills are invaluable in today’s stressful, fast-paced environment. 

2. Strength and Coordination

Physical activity is a great way to stay physically fit at any age. Martial arts function differently than traditional strength training routines. Instead of isolating specific muscle groups, one trains the body as a whole. Students engage entire systems as they employ their full ranges of motion. It’s well known that adults tend to decline in stamina as they age. Martial arts may act as a buffer against this decline by increasing flexibility, endurance, and muscle strength. Not only is this good exercise, it helps the student become more aware and in control of their actions. This explains why martial arts training has also been found to improve coordination in children. 

3. Broader Awareness 

Martial arts are mentally and physically challenging. They require focus and attention to detail to practice effectively. Because of this, students learn to notice more of the world around them, including the actions of others. Such situational awareness helps them identify potential threats before they arise, allowing them to intervene quickly. In fact, research indicates that martial arts training can improve reaction time to unexpected stimuli. This heightened perception has broad implications for oneself and the greater community as a whole. In a world full of distractions, one’s level of awareness can deeply affect their quality of life.  

4. Capacity for Self-defense 

With confidence, strength, and awareness of one’s surroundings, a new perspective emerges. One becomes a living threat deterrent—powerful, but under control. Aikido is one of the best martial arts for self-defense because anyone can apply their skills at any time. It levels the playing field by emphasizing redirection over aggression. This makes aikido especially useful for women of all ages, who tend to do well even against men of greater stature. Women’s self-defense is so important to us that we gladly offer free workshops tailored to your needs. 


Mental and physical strength are essential for a successful, fulfilling life. Martial arts offer numerous benefits to both mind and body for children and adults of all ages. Studies have shown that they can improve one’s strength, self-esteem, reaction time, and coordination. Such personal development empowers individuals to overcome challenges and become the best versions of themselves. If you live in or near Lincoln, Nebraska, we invite you to attend a free class sometime. We look forward to including you in our growing community of confident martial artists. 

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